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Note: the scientific program of the Pre- and Post-conference field trips is the same!

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  • 4-days Pre-conference field trip
    starts in Saint-Petersburg on June, 18th and ends in Petrozavodsk on June, 23rd .
  • 4-days Post-conference field trip
    starts in Petrozavodsk on June, 27th and ends at Kandalaksha Station on July, 1st (we 'll help all to buy tickets after this trip)
    Organizers will coordinate and help to participants with purchasing of the tickets after the post-conference field trip completion.
If you would like to take part in the Post-conference field trip,
please indicate the preferable way of departure after the field trip:
  • By train to Moscow;
  • By train to Saint Petersburg;
  • By plane from Murmansk to Moscow;
  • By plane from Murmansk to Saint Petersburg;
  • Other variant;
  • I do not participate in the Post-conference field trip.
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I declare that I will not hold the conference organizers or the field-trip leaders responsible for any losses of property, illnesses or injuries during participation in the 13th IEC 2019.

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