Dear Colleagues!

It is a pleasure to invite you, as well as your motivated collaborators, to the conference “Deep structure and geodynamics of Lake Ladoga region” held in Petrozavodsk, Karelian Republic, Russia. This scientific meeting is devoted to the problems of integrated geological-geophysical studies of Proterozoic mobile belts of ancient cratons on the example of Ladoga-Bothnian zone of the Fennoscandian Shield.

The goal of the conference – the development of optimal geological and geophysical models of the structure and geodynamic evolution of the Ladoga-Bothnian zone and, in particular, Lake Ladoga region on the background of recent advances in their studies by Russian and foreign groups of geophysicists and geologists. We plan to discuss critically the current status of our knowledge and to consider perspectives of further investigations of the regional deep structure - from detailed studies up to the development of globally generalized patterns.