Travelling to Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk is a capital of the Karelia Republic. It is located northeast from Saint Petersburg and could be easily reached by train in five-to-eight hours. There are both day and night trains departing from the Ladozhsky Station.

Moscow is ca.14 hours away from Petrozavodsk by train; an overnight train service will be required. The trains depart from the Leningradsky Station in Moscow.

The small Petrozavodsk Airport is located in 12 km from the city with regular flights from Moscow ( Domodedovo Airport).

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Air temperatures in Petrozavodsk in June vary from +9 to +18°C (less common 25°C) during the day. Daylight length is 22 hours. Normally June is a sunny month, but rain and wind are probable.

European style 220 Volt, round-prong plugs.

Avoid drinking tap water. Bottles with still water will be in your hotel-room refrigerator (part of the all-inclusive service) and will be provided in the bus during the field trips.