Petrozavodsk is the capital of the Karelian Republic, northwest Russia. It is located northeast of St. Petersburg and is easily reached by eight hours train travel. There are both day and night trains departing from the Ladozhsky Station, an economy class sleeper ticket will cost about 1500 Rubles. Moscow is 14 hours away on an overnight train service; trains depart from the Leningradsky Station with economy class tickets costing from 4500 Rubles.

The small Petrozavodsk Airport is located 12 km from the city, with flights from Moscow (Domodedovo).

The organizers will provide information to participants concerning their individual travel to Petrozavodsk from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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Participants may choose and reserve a room in any city hotel. Information on hotels is available at the Web-site Booking.com

The following well-known hotels are closest to the conference venue:

Onego Palace - Website: http://www.onegopalace.com
Standard Single Room— 4250 Roubles/day

Onega Castle Hotel – Website: http://www.onegozamok.ru
Standard Single Room – 2800 Roubles/day

Prionezhskiy - Website: http://www.nikolaevskie-oteli.ru
Standard Single Room: 1720-2460 Roubles/day

Karelia - Website: http://karelia-hotel.ru
Standard Single Room: 3960 Roubles/day; Double Room 4960 Roubles/day